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Infinity Ward is going off on Activision for 'bullshit fees'

Posted Nov 10th 2008 1:30PM by Richard MitchellFiled under: News, Call of Duty: World at War

Well this changed into unexpected. Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling, called fourzerotwo, recently posted some desire phrases approximately Activision producer Noah Heller. Specifically, Bowling asks Heller to "forestall doing interviews," announcing that he wishes to forestall comparing Call of Duty: World at War to Call of Duty four and that the sport can "stand on it is [sic] personal deserves." Bowling then cites a "bullshit quote" from a current CVG interview wherein Heller states that previous Call of Duty titles required several pictures with bolt motion rifles to make a kill and says that Treyarch has corrected this in World at War. Responded Bowling: "WTF are you talking approximately?! ... First of all, you did not work on 'preceding Call of Dutys', so don't communicate as if you're down with how / why matters had been designed the way they had been. Second, you're completely fucking incorrect."

Bowling concludes that World at War has many properly capabilities and that Activision could be better off promoting them in place of comparing the sport to previous titles. He notes that the media should interview a person from Treyarch that "knows what the fuck they are speaking about" and no longer "Senior Super Douche Noah Heller from Activision - who reputedly has in no way played the sport and doesn't even paintings on the developer." Yowch. Soap operas are not this precise.

[Via LockoutGaming]

Stranded launch Gears of War 2 in Toronto tunnels

Posted Nov tenth 2008 12:00PM by means of Xav de MatosFiled under: Gears of War 2, Galleries

The placing became hot, dark and dingy ... the appropriate location to release one of the maximum anticipated titles of the year. Deep below the blistering town of Toronto, Microsoft held an invitation handiest event to introduce the sector to Gears of War 2. Located in the closed off phase of the Bay Street subway tunnels, dozens of human beings starting from press to community had a chance to play Gears of War 2 on November 6. The setting felt ideal to release a recreation primarily based on the survival of the human race and every person regarded to have a blast playing via the marketing campaign, multiplayer and 5-participant co-op Horde mode. Don't accept as true with us? Check out the pics from the occasion.

Rare has a trade of coronary heart, will repair Nuts & Bolts' small textual content hassle

Posted Nov tenth 2008 eleven:15AM by means of Dustin BurgFiled beneath: News, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Rare just announced that they will be fixing the Nuts & Bolts tiny text difficulty with a identify replace submit release. The update should be "launched within the subsequent 30 days" and "will repair it [the small text] for those with Standard Definition TVs". We say exceptional flow Rare ... great PR move. Now that we have gained this tiny textual content battle, who's up for focusing our textual content embiggening efforts on Capcom and Dead Rising? Show of hands, please.

C'est la vie: 360 returned on the lowest in Japan

Posted Nov 10th 2008 10:45AM by using Richard MitchellFiled underneath: News

Well youngsters, after almostmonths on top of within the center of the charts, the Xbox 360 has been corralled into its formerly assigned sales slot, also known as proper smack-dab at the bottom. Through a astounding confluence of events, maximum probable the release of several games aimed at Japanese audiences, the console had controlled to outsell Sony's Playstation 3 on its domestic turf for weeks on end (once to the song of over 10,000 gadgets). We should note, of direction, that the Wii, PSP and DS -- and even the PS2 at one point -- always crowned the 360 during the identical length. Alas, the ones heady days are at the back of us, and matters are returned to normal. A little greater than regular, as even the hardy Playstation 2 managed to outsell the 360 at some point of the week of October 27 - November 2. Also, the DSi, not abruptly, exploded onto the income charts. Finally, the PS3, seemingly fueled through an Edmond Dantès-like experience of vengeance, boosted its sales by way of over 900%. Yow.

- DSi: 171,925 [New Entry!]- PSP: 50,358 10,109 (sixteen.72%)- PS3: 39,587 35,656 (907.05%)- Wii: 23,123 1,169 (4.eighty one%)- DS Lite: 16,369 6,596 (28.seventy two%)- PS2: 6,714 248 (3.56%)- Xbox 360: 6,119 1,725 (21.99%)

[Via Joystiq. Original photograph: Delmonti]

Rockstar 'no longer certain' about GTAIV DLC release

Posted Nov tenth 2008 10:00AM with the aid of Dustin BurgFiled beneath: News

Talking to Variety, Rockstar's personal Dan Houser mentioned he's "no longer certain" if the 360 special Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content material will release this 12 months.

"It's going properly. But we do not know a date," Houser admitted, including that "we hope to be pronouncing that [the DLC release date] inside the following couple of weeks." Quite exciting, for the reason that remaining we heard, the DLC became on target to launch in November. Then again, there has always been some confusion concerning the DLC's launch and a surprising lack of hype from Microsoft concerning the content material's release later this year.

All said, we marvel if the GTAIV content material is as massive of a draw as it become lower back inside the day or if the 360 gaming network has just, properly ... moved on.

Weekly Deals: World at War and $10 present cards

Posted Nov ninth 2008 four:00PM by Dustin BurgFiled beneath: Deals and Bargains, Call of Duty: World at War

It's that time once more, time for a Sunday weekly deals roundup where we painstakingly search the internets for shops' great Xbox 360 offers. So, why wait, allow's get to the deal round-upping.

Circuit City is doing its gift card promoting again, offering $10 gift playing cards with buy of both World at War, Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, LEGO Batman or PURE. They're additionally bundling a free artbook with Mirror's Edge. Best Buy has Hell's Highway for $30, is providing a free Enemy at the Gates DVD with World at War and a free $30 present card with buy of any Xbox 360 console, Gears of War 2 and a 3 month Xbox Live subscription. Finally, Toys R Us is giving out $15 gift playing cards with purchase of World at War (in save best.) Happy spending.

Video: Godfather II brutality and blood

Posted Nov ninth 2008 1:15PM through Dustin BurgFiled beneath: News

EA's The Godfather II - the violent followup to the authentic Godfather game - may be freeing to retail early next 12 months and for individuals who have been worried that there would not be sufficient bloody violent violence, then this trailer have to squelch your fears. This brand new "Brutality" trailer suggests us exactly why it is so ... uh, brutal. Baseball bats to the heads, executions, bodies being tossed off the roof, and groin kicks. Now, ain't that a kick inside the head?

Burnout Paradise's Legendary Jansen 88 Special

Posted Nov 8th 2008 four:00PM via Dustin BurgFiled beneath: News

After numerous updates, loose content material or even motorbikes, Criterion can be bringing a hard and fast of paid Legendary Cars to Burnout Paradise in 2009. This week, they unveiled the primary of four, the Jansen 88 Special that is based totally at the fan favorite Jansen P12. And the primary element you may notice is this Back to the Future stimulated journey can hover. Yes sir, a hovering, flame path growing Jansen 88 Special that (unluckily) lacks the capacity to travel lower back in time.

Keep at the look out for more Legendary Cars exhibits within the weeks to come back (Cavalry Bootlegger, Manhattan Spirit and GT Nighthawk) and bear in mind to change your vehicle's oil each 3,000 miles.

[Thanks, Cube]

NXE Preview: Second wave of invitations despatched out

Posted Nov eighth 2008 12:45PM through Dustin BurgFiled under: News

For those of you who have been saddened whilst you determined out you have been no longer decided on to participate within the New Xbox Experience preview software, we are saying; hold your chin up. Microsoft simply sent out another wave of NXE preview invitations to folks who signed up for the program final week (sorry, no new signups are allowed) and you could haz NXE.

Major Nelson just announced that the second spherical of NXE preview emails went out Friday night and, for folks who have been decided on, the NXE might be available for down load sometime tonight, Saturday nighttime. So, check your inbox, direct mail folder and move those hands, because every other round of NXE preview recruits are being introduced to the combination.

[Thanks, to all people who sent this in]

No button 360 controller mod

Posted Nov 7th 2008 6:45PM by Richard MitchellFiled beneath: Hacks / mods

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