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PodcastsJared Leto Came Up With That Urination Scene in House of Gucci, Writer Says

Movie NewsThe Humans: This Screenwriting Aide Unexpectedly Led Writer-Director Stephen Karam to Funding

Movie NewsNewFilmmakers Los Angeles and WarnerMedia OneFifty Announce Winners of New Artist Grant Program

The RundownPaul Thomas Anderson On a Move to TV; Cha Cha Real Smooth and Other Sundance Hopefuls; Kevin Spacey Pays Up

Movie NewsDanish Girl Regrets; King Richard‘s True Stories; RIP Peter Aykroyd

Movie NewsThe King Richard Drive-By Shooting Scene Is Inspired by means of Horrible Real Events

Movie NewsKing Richard: Watch Richard Williams Check a Reporter for Questioning Venus Williams’ Confidence (Video)

Movie NewsKing Richard: How That John McEnroe-Pete Sampras Meeting Really Happened

Articles - MoviemakingMike Mills Wanted C’mon C’mon To Feel Like a Fable, So He Shot It in Black and White

Movie NewsWhy Kurt Vonnegut Wrote in Simple Words We Can All Understand

The RundownLeo DiCaprio Foretells The End; Jonah Hill as Jerry Garcia; a Kurt Vonnegut Doc Four Decades in the Making

Movie NewsThis Cute Moment in C’mon C’mon Was Inspired by means of the Real-Life Daughter of The National’s Aaron Dessner

Movie NewsLeonardo DiCaprio Jokes About End of the World at Killer Comet Comedy Screening: ‘I’m a Debbie Downer’

The RundownPam & Tommy Trailer; a Sexy Scene From 1946; C’Mon C’mon, C’mon C’Mon

Movie NewsYou Mean Everything to Me Follows a Young Woman’s Grim Coercion Into the Sex Industry (Exclusive Trailer)

Movie NewsMike Mills Says the Title of C’mon C’mon Was Inspired By French Composer Eric Satie

Movie NewsPower of the Dog Cinematographer Ari Wegner at the Daily Storyboarding Max ‘Before Your Brain Melts Down’

The RundownFincher’s Zodiac Killers; Ridley Scott is Right; Tarantino’s NFTs

Movie NewsMultiple Men Play the Zodiac Killer in Zodiac. Adam Nayman’s New Book on David Fincher Explains Why

Movie NewsA Little Bit of Exposure Changed Everything for India Sweets and Spices Director Geeta Malik

The RundownBrian Cox Set for Directorial Debut; Licorice Pizza Review Roundup; House of Gucci Accents Analyzed

FestivalsNFMLA Celebrates LGBTQ+ Films About Family, a Deadly Journey and a Cat Named Mister President

Movie NewsKing Richard Skips a Major Sports Movie Cliché

Movie NewsObi-Wan Kenobi Trailer; Doctor Strange Reshoots; Do We All Hate Sex Scenes?

Movie NewsEmily Ruhl Used Her College Fund to Make Her Debut Short, a Queer Love Story Called “Blue Moon”

The RundownLady Gaga Goes Method for House of Gucci; See Licorice Pizza in 70mm; MoviePass Resurrected?

Movie NewsVerhoeven’s Sex Scenes; P.T. Anderson’s Morning; Tarantino Goes to the Movies

Movie NewsPassing Writer-Director Rebecca Hall Goes Deep on All Five Stages of Production

Movie NewsPaul Verhoeven Does Storyboards for Sex Scenes

Movie NewsPassing: Rebecca Hall Stole a Sly Trick For Directing Actors

Movie NewsFull Sail University to Build On-Campus Virtual Production Studio

The RundownPassing‘s Vision; the Cult of DiCaprio; House of Gucci Reactions

Movie NewsPassing Producer Margot Hand Wants to End the ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecy’ of Micro-Budget Movies

The RundownRIP Dean Stockwell; Foo Fighters Movie; How to Format Texts in a Screenplay

Movie NewsWe Hope Our Doc Fish & Men Will Change How You Eat

The RundownEternals Criticism; Which Scripts Sell; Vin Diesel’s Plea to The Rock

Articles - ScreenwritingHow to Format Text Messages in Your Screenplay

Movie NewsCAA Agent Julia Glausi Tells You What Kind of Scripts Are Selling

Movie NewsHow Paul Verhoeven Lucked Into That RoboCop Walking-on-Water Scene

How to Write a ScreenplayA Quiet Place Co-Writer Bryan Woods on How to Channel Bad Notes Into a Good Movie

First PersonBeta Test‘s Jim Cummings on How to Make DIY Films and Put ‘Hollywood’ Out of Business

The RundownSpencer Is a Motherhood Metaphor; Wicked Casting; Pity the Poor Agents; Addams Family Revisited

Movie NewsThe Beta Test: Inside the Secretly Sad Lives of Struggling Hollywood AgentsMore Posts

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Movie NewsPaul Verhoeven Does Storyboards for Sex Scenes

Paul Verhoeven doesn’t recognize why there’s such taboo round intercourse scenes. In fact, he says, he...TESTING-three

Movie NewsThe Batman Trailer Finds Batman Unsure Where Bruce Wayne Ends and Batman Begins (Video)

Robert Pattinson says his Batman, who we see pounding his manner through Gotham inside the brand-new...TESTING-3

Articles - DirectingThe 25 Most Influential Directors of All Time, From Scorsese to Kubrick

Martin Scorsese. Stanley Kubrick. Alfred Hitchcock. As time passes, new fashions unavoidably emerge. In artwork, politics...TESTING-three

Fall 2014The 25 Coolest Film Festivals inside the World, 2014

Our annual list of the sector’s weirdest and maximum first rate cinematic celebrations: the 25 Coolest Film...TESTING-three

Movie NewsDemonic Director Neill Blomkamp and In the Earth Director Ben Wheatley on Humanity’s ‘Really Dangerous Path’

There became a period early within the pandemic when administrators Neill Blomkamp and Ben Wheatley questioned...TESTING-three

DirectingMembers Only: A Guide to Onscreen Peen with the Directors of The Final Member

The Final Member, a characteristic documentary by using Canadian administrators Jonah Bekhor and Zach Math, is the...TESTING-3

Movie NewsBest Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker, 2020

For MovieMaker’s Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2020 listing, we made a...TESTING-3

Annual ListsThe Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2019: Big Cities

“The film commercial enterprise as we recognize it's miles never going again to Los Angeles,” director Joe...TESTING-three

Movie NewsOscar Isaac Is in Everything; Coppola’s Dream, Bong Joon-Ho Optimism

Francis Ford Coppola is prepared to guess large on a dream challenge; Bong Joon-Ho has excessive...TESTING-3

Movie NewsAmerican Psycho: An Oral History, 20 Years After Its Divisive Debut

When director Mary Harron first sent Christian Bale the script for American Psycho, he didn’t understand...TESTING-7

Movie NewsThe Green Knight Director David Lowery on Four Arthurian Films That Influenced His Dev Patel Epic

The Green Knight writer-director David Lowery spent plenty of the pandemic re-editing and re-tooling his Arthurian...TESTING-7

Movie News11 Netflix True Crime Docuseries You Might Have Missed

If you’re keen on genuine crime, you’re probably acquainted with the enjoy of looking for...

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