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A diagram is a symbolic illustration of records the use of visualization techniques. Diagrams were used on account that prehistoric instances on partitions of caves, but became greater usual in the course of the Enlightenment.[1] Sometimes, the approach uses a three-dimensional visualization that's then projected onto a -dimensional floor. The phrase graph is now and again used as a synonym for diagram.Overview[edit]

The term "diagram" in its typically used experience could have a trendy or unique meaning:visible facts device : Like the term "illustration", "diagram" is used as a collective term status for the complete class of technical genres, which includes graphs, technical drawings and tables.precise form of visible show : This is the genre that shows qualitative facts with shapes which can be related via strains, arrows, or different visible hyperlinks.

In science the term is utilized in both methods. For example, Anderson (1997) said extra generally: "diagrams are pictorial, yet abstract, representations of information, and maps, line graphs, bar charts, engineering blueprints, and designers' sketches are all examples of diagrams, while images and video are not".[2] On the alternative hand, Lowe (1993) described diagrams as mainly "abstract picture portrayals of the situation depend they represent".[three]

In the unique feel diagrams and charts comparison with pc graphics, technical illustrations, infographics, maps, and technical drawings, with the aid of displaying "summary in preference to literal representations of facts".[4] The essence of a diagram can be visible as:[four]a form of visible formatting devicesa show that does not display quantitative information (numerical data), however instead relationships and summary informationwith constructing blocks which includes geometrical shapes connected by using strains, arrows, or different visible links.

Or in Hall's (1996) words "diagrams are simplified figures, caricatures in a manner, intended to carry essential meaning".[five] These simplified figures are often based on a set of rules. The fundamental form in line with White (1984) may be characterized in phrases of "beauty, readability, ease, sample, simplicity, and validity".[4] Elegance is largely determined through whether or now not the diagram is "the most effective and most becoming strategy to a hassle".[6]Gallery of diagram types[edit]

There are at the least the subsequent varieties of diagrams:Logical or conceptual diagrams, which take a group of objects and relationships among them, and specific them with the aid of giving each item a 2D position, while the relationships are expressed as connections between the items or overlaps between the objects, for instance:Quantitative diagrams, which show a dating amongvariables that take both discrete or a non-stop range of values; for instance:Schematics and different sorts of diagrams, for example:

Many of those kinds of diagrams are typically generated using diagramming software program consisting of Visio and Gliffy.

Diagrams can also be categorised in keeping with use or purpose, for instance, explanatory and/or the way to diagrams.

Thousands of diagram techniques exist. Some greater examples comply with:Specific diagram types[edit]See also[edit]Look up diagram in Wiktionary, the unfastened dictionary.ChartTable (statistics)Diagrammatic reasoningDiagrammatologyExperience modelList of graphical methodsMathematical diagramPlot (pictures)commons:Specific diagram types – gallery of many diagram kinds.commons:Commons:Diagram sourcesReferences[edit]^ Eddy, Matthew Daniel (2021). "Diagrams".In Blair, Ann; Duguid, Paul; Goeing, Anja-Silvia; Grafton, Anthony (eds.). Information: A Historical Companion. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. ISBN 9780691179544. JSTOR j.ctv1pdrrbs.forty two. OCLC 1202730160.^ Michael Anderson (1997). "Introduction to Diagrammatic Reasoning," at cs.hartford.edu. Retrieved 21 July 2008.^ Lowe, Richard K. (1993). "Diagrammatic facts: techniques for exploring its mental representation and processing". Information Design Journal. 7 (1): three–18. doi:10.1075/idj.7.1.01low.^ a b c Brasseur, Lee E. (2003). Visualizing technical statistics: a cultural critique. Amityville, N.Y: Baywood Pub. ISBN zero-89503-240-6.^ Bert S. Hall (1996). "The Didactic and the Elegant: Some Thoughts on Scientific and Technological Illustrations inside the Middle Ages and Renaissance". in: B. Braigie (ed.) Picturing know-how: historic and philosophical issues regarding the usage of art in science. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. p.nine^ White, Jan V. (1984). Using charts and graphs: a thousand ideas for visible persuasion. New York: Bowker. ISBN 0-8352-1894-five.Further analyzing[edit]Wikimedia Commons has media associated with diagrams.Wikiquote has quotations associated with: DiagramBounford, Trevor (2000). Digital diagrams. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications. ISBN 978-zero-8230-1572-6.Michael Anderson, Peter Cheng, Volker Haarslev (Eds.) (2000). Theory and Application of Diagrams: First International Conference, Diagrams 2000. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, September 1–three, 2000. Proceedings.Garcia, M. (ed.), (2012) The Diagrams of Architecture. Wiley. Chichester.

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