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A Way To Pronounce Meme

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Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of Internet users who revel in their every day move of "meme" content whilst harboring a darkish mystery: that you don't know a way to in reality pronounce "meme?" Don't fear—according to the Oxford English Dictionary (and plenty of different sources), the appropriate pronunciation for "meme" is "meem" (rhymes with "crew").[1]Now you could comment on the modern day online content material IRL without worry of embarrassment!

Pronounce “meme” with an extended “e” sound, like "meem". Although it can not seem like it, “meme” need to be said with a protracted “e.” When you say it, you should only be using 1 syllable.[2]Always use the long “e” sound, in no way the quick “e” sound or an “a” sound.

Don’t pronounce “meme” like “might also may additionally.” While it could appear like “meme” ought to be reported this manner, “may may additionally” is in fact incorrect. Remember: you should in no way be the use of an “a” sound when you’re pronouncing “meme.”[three]It's useful to take into account that the phrase "meme" would not have the letter "a" in it, and it also isn't always said with an "a" sound.

Avoid saying "meme" like “mee mee.” Pronouncing “meme” like “mee mee” is likewise a common mispronunciation. To get it right, say it like “meem” with an extended “e” sound.[four]Remember that the ultimate “e” in “meme” is silent.

Don’t say “mehm” while you’re trying to pronounce “meme.” “Mehm” or "maim" is getting nearer, however it's nevertheless wrong. To pronounce “meme” correctly, you need to apply a protracted “e” sound.

Remember that “meme” rhymes with words like “crew” and “beam.” To keep yourself from stumbling over the pronunciation inside the destiny, attempt to consider distinct phrases that “meme” rhymes with. Then, it'll be easier to remember the perfect way to say the phrase. Other words that rhyme with “meme” are:[five]DreamCreamSeamStreamThemeReamBeamSupremeColor scheme

Switch the last 2 letters earlier than you pronounce it. Given the manner that “meme” is spelled, it’s no marvel that the pronunciation is tricky. One manner to conquer that is to get inside the habit of switching the ultimate 2 letters, “m” and “e,” each time you're reading or saying the phrase. When you switch the last 2 letters, the word looks like “meem,” that is simpler to pronounce correctly.Over time, you’ll start to robotically pronounce “meme” like “meem.”

Remember that the word “meme” turned into created to be similar to the word “gene.” The word “meme” may additionally have a bizarre spelling, however that’s due to the fact the person who created the phrase, famous author and researcher Richard Dawkins, desired it to have a comparable spelling to “gene.” In the mid-Seventies, Dawkins coined the term “meme” to describe ideas that unfold between human beings, kind of like how genes reflect and get exceeded on to others.[6]If you’re ever suffering to bear in mind the right pronunciation, just reflect onconsideration on the origins of the word to help you out. The word “gene” is pronounced with a long “e” sound, and the ultimate “e” is silent, similar to how “meme” is mentioned.

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How do I get my normie buddy to learn how to pronounce "meme" and now not be a humiliation?

Teach them how to do it with your newfound know-how, and/or show them this newsletter earlier than they interact in some other communication.

Are others manner of announcing "meme" acceptable on the net?

Of direction now not.

What is a dank meme?

A dank meme is a meme that has been used a lot that it has passed all different memes.

Will my buddies assume I'm cool if I talk about the modern memes?

It depends. If the “meme” you're speakme about doesn’t resonate within your social institution, it could be a miss. You must realize your target market in order to entertain them.

What is the average lifestyles span of a meme?

Depending on whether or not or not the meme is dank, memes can survive some years. Less dank memes tend to die out after everywhere from 1 week to two months. All in all, the danker the higher, my dude.

Is Nicolas Cage a useless meme?

A meme is in no way clearly lifeless, it simply loses power. Although Nicolas Cage isn't always as effective as he used to be, he is nevertheless a incredible meme.

Why is this a wikiHow? Who can not pronounce meme?

Those who might also have study the word, however now not heard or used it in communique.

How do you pronounce 'meme'?

'Meme' is said 'meem.'

My daughter has an dependancy to memes. Should I be involved?

No, I wouldn't be worried. This is pretty normal for young kids.

What if the meme has ascended? Will or not it's stated in a different way?

If by means of this you imply that it's miles a "lifeless meme," then call it a dead meme and make fun of people who nonetheless use it.

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